Social Attitudes Towards Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation and society

Women seem to be in a constant warfare with the attitudes that others have towards them, and the reality is that it really isn’t their fault. The eye of the public is stronger than ever. It would take a conscious effort to go throughout a day without seeing a plethora of examples showcasing what is thought to be the ideal woman: long legs, thin waist, nice butt, full chest, beautiful natural face. This, over time, takes a toll on a women’s mind as it is only natural to compare one’s self to what other’s praise as flawless. Society is bipolar when it comes to the attitude it holds on this subject matter. Some are ruthless and seemingly never satisfied, and others are often understanding and empathetic. Females grow up at the mercy of a whirlwind of pressures: girls developing at different rates, girls developing more overall, girls having perfect skin. Everything is constantly able to be compared. It is an overwhelming truth for some. The tone is set at a young age for women; when a woman doesn’t develop large breasts they are seen as if they are less of a woman, and that stigma digs deep into the psyche the female mind.

Women who do not have full confidence in their breast size have the opportunity, if monetarily possible, to go through breast augmentation. This process will fill and bring more symmetry to the breasts. These women are going through this unpleasant process in order to fulfil what society has led them to believe is acceptable. The pain and money is worth far less to these women than the badgering thoughts they would otherwise have to endure. It is for a lack of a better explanation – a matter of mental health. The lifting of an overwhelming insecurity is an amazing thing, and that is what a breast augmentation is able to provide. Though the surgery does fix a lot of prior issues that the client might have been having, it doesn’t solve everything. This is where you really get to see how relentless society tends to be. People often do not initially give others the benefit of the doubt, and this case is no different. The irony of this is that these women have escaped prior insecurities and judgements, but society is still waiting on the flipside with different yet equally as absurd judgement. Their attitudes are often changed but not fixed. Not all people see this and other forms of cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty surgery in the light in which it is intended, but instead, they see it as selfish, vain, and superficial. It seems unfair to call it a trade-off, but that is exactly what it is. Women with these insecurities are essentially told to pick a different poison despite their intentions. Do you want to be seen as less of a woman? Do you want to be seen as a hyper-sexual being? These are essentially the two routes that these women are forced to tussle between.

The attitude of society is usually not one of long, well thought-out philosophical nature but one of quick, rash nature. I don’t think it would be fair to generalise the public’s opinion on the matter of breast augmentation as it really is contingent upon the amount of exposure each individual has had regarding it. It is a matter of gaining perspective and an accurate vantage point. Those who are aware and have been notified in some way as to the benefits to the individual receiving the procedure will undoubtedly be more understanding and sympathetic. The attitudes people have towards the procedure are generally inaccurate and misguided due to the fact that it is not something that everyone can relate to. Over time, as it becomes more and more popular I’m sure the attitudes will change in proportion to the rise in understanding (i.e. understanding brings empathy).

Those who have had the opportunity to see the reasoning behind the procedure have the most accurate vantage point and the most uplifting attitude towards breast augmentation. Those who truly understand do not think of it in the light of vanity but rather a light of self-fulfillment. Society’s attitude is changing along with the amount of exposure that each an every person is able to get regarding breast augmentation and its benefits. As of now, as there is still residing ignorance, and that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the positivity associated with it, but that seems to be on the incline. Ultimately, the attitude of society towards breast augmentation varies, but so do empathy and understanding, and I believe that those are not coincidentally correlative.

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